Changing the streets

Our focus is to combat the effects of poverty by developing innovative programs to empower people and help animals living in underserved communities. 


Our ethos is the recognition that all beings are interconnected and linked to the environment.  As such, program development and delivery centers around a One Health and One Welfare approach.


"One Health recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of the animals and the environment.  The goal of One Health is to encourage the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines--working locally, nationally and globally--to achieve the best health for people, animals and our environment."  Center for Disease Control and Prevention


"One Welfare complements the One Health and Eco Health approaches, enabling full integration of animal welfare within other disciplines; a much needed tool to help improve animal welfare, human wellbeing and environmental components, and support worldwide sustainable development goals for all those keen to extend the one health approach to animal welfare and human wellbeing. " www.onewelfareworld.org

Our programs are designed to benefit underserved communities who have little or no access to services.  Our programs are divided into three areas of focus; healthcare, literacy training and community infrastructure improvements.