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Engaging family physicians in one health

The strong bond between owners and their pets---often to the point that pets are considered members of the family---means that both vets and physicians can support practices and activities that are healthy for animals and their owners.

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UW, WSU community partnership: Improving the health of homeless youth and their pets

Rivals in the sports arena, the state’s two largest public universities have teamed up off the field to improve the health of young adults experiencing homelessness – and their pets.


Dog and Cat Clinic is Gateway to Human Health Care

Learn more about One Health Delaware and its founder, PennVet graduate Dr. Kristin Jankowski in this issue of the Bellwether Magazine, PennVet's biannual alumni magazine. 


One Health Delaware featured on Knowledge @ Wharton

One Health Delaware, a One Health Clinic located at the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Wilminton, Delaware is the subject of The Business of Animal Health, a weekly show featured on Knowledge @ Wharton airing on Sirius XM. Knowledge @ Wharton host Dan Loney interviews Dr. Kristin Jankowski, the founder of One Health Delaware and Shay Scott, CEO of the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center. To learn more about the benefits of holding clinics that serve people with their pets at the same time, click below.


Dr. Kristin Jankowski Founder of One Health Delaware featured on Modern Hero

Dr. Kristin Jankowski, founder of the One Health Delaware Clinic is featured in this episode of Modern Hero. One Health Delaware provides free healthcare services to people and their pets at the same time!


PRESS RELEASE: Youth Experiencing Homelessness and Their Pets Receiving Healthcare at the Same Time

One Health Clinics will be held the last Tuesday of each month beginning Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Wind Youth Services.


CTS Board Members Dr. Paulina Zielinska Crook and Dr. Brenden Tu are Co-Authors on this groundbreaking article about One Health!

Clinical one health: A novel healthcare solution for underserved communities

Limited access to healthcare is a symptom of poverty worldwide. In Knights Landing, California, USA, an economically underserved, agricultural community, advocates recognized that integration of human and animal healthcare could provide a less intimidating gateway to services and facilitate assessments of individuals' health, not just in moments in time, but within the context of the complex interactions with other humans, animals, and their encompassing environment. A One Health-based clinic was established allowing veterinarians and physicians to help each other develop the full community-health picture. With a collaborative One Health approach and clinicians adaptable to the changing needs of the population, the provision of community-centered healthcare has become more tenable.