Healthcare Clinics

“Serving Both Ends of the Leash”

Community Centered Healthcare Delivery


Sacramento, California

In collaboration with One Community Health, 4RFRiends and Wind Youth Services, we hosted two One Health Clinics serving youth experiencing homelessness in Sacramento, California.

Each clinic hosted a team of healthcare providers who delivered healthcare to people and their pets at the same time.  Services provided helped participants optimize their own health and the health of their pets, while strengthening the human-animal bond.

Due to administrative changes with our partner organizations, we have put the One Health clinic on hold for now. However, we are actively developing other One Health Clinic partnerships to continue helping people and their pets together.

Often people will help their pets before helping themselves.  By holding a healthcare clinic devoted to “serving both ends of the leash,” we hope to allow people the opportunity to seek healthcare for themselves they may otherwise forego.  When people’s pets feel good, people feel good. And that is when communities flourish!



We are holding our first One Health Clinic in Alotenango, Guatemala on October 18-19 2019. We will be working with the local physician and veterinarian to deliver care to both people and the many street dogs living in the village. We will also be working with local nursing students to help them advance their clinical skills. We were also invited to host a two day symposium about High Volume High Quality spay/neuter techniques at the Veterinary College after our clinic. Thank you to The Heart of Travel for partnering with us to make this clinic happen!